Meet the Team

Dave Nicholson

With Radio Tyneside since the early 1970s and heard through the week on Morning Call.

Geoff Lisle

Geoff has been spinning the discs on Radio Tyneside for many years.

Chris Eggett

Chris keeps you company at breakfast time.

Steve Furnell

Steve joined Radio Tyneside in the summer of 2020 to present a Saturday night show.

Chris Robson

Chris is here through the week.

Richard Finch

Plays the hits at lunchtime.

Paul Davidson

Paul keeps you company each afternoon with music and conversation.

Liam Kendal

Joined Radio Tyneside in 2016.

Madeleine Letherby

Joined Radio Tyneside in 2018.

Manjit Singh

Joined Radio Tyneside in the autumn of 2018.

Gary Richardson

Joined Radio Tyneside at the beginning of 2019.

Martin Green

Wake up with Martin at the weekend.

Tony Sloan

Join Tony for your Teatime on Tyneside at the start of the week for great tunes, trivia and more.

John Griffin

You can hear John at the weekend.

Paul Laverick

Paul brings you live commentary from Newcastle United home games.

Max Taylor

Max, along with Paul Laverick, brings you the Newcastle United home game commentaries from St James Park.

Sam Clegg

Sam is part of the Northsport team, bringing you sports coverage on Saturday afternoons.

Steve Emerson

Sheila Hamil

Sheila presents Radio Tyneside's weekly religious programme each Sunday morning.

Gary Hogg

Presents the award winning Geordie Hour each week, with producer Karis Jones.

Karis Jones

Karis is producer of The Geordie Hour, presented by Gary Hogg.

Rod Hardisty

Rod joined Radio Tyneside in the autumn of 2016.

Brian Clough

An eclectic mix of country music, old and new.

Ian Hornsby

With Radio Tyneside for many years and brings you the best country and classical music every week.

Neal Younger

Joined Radio Tyneside in the autumn of 2018.

Yvonne Bell

Joined Radio Tyneside in the autumn of 2018.

Tamsin Robson

Handles recruitment and training.

Brian Lee

Presented the Sunday dedications programme for many years and runs the Radio Tyneside website.

Tony Crosby

Returned to Radio Tyneside in the summer of 2020.

Paul Robinson

Radio veteran Paul Robinson returned to Radio Tyneside for a series of Summer Saturday in 2019.

Phil Clark

Returned to Radio Tyneside in July 2019 after several years away.

Callum Patterson

Joined Radio Tyneside in July 2019.

Andrew Carr

Joined Radio Tyneside in July 2019.

Susan Jardine

Joined Radio Tyneside in August 2019.

James Bell

Joined Radio Tyneside in January 2020 to present Curtain Up.

Rare Old Times

Karl Barlow, Lucy Falkenau and Gary Hogg bring the Rare Old Times Radio Show to Radio Tyneside.

Ken Anton

Ken brings musical memories to Radio Tyneside each week.